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Jay Manning Helps Governors and Premier Adopt Pacific Coast Climate and Energy Plan

October 28, 2013

Governor Jay Inslee joined Governors John Kitzhaber and Jerry Brown and British Columbia Premier Christie Clarke in announcing the Pacific Coast Climate and Energy Plan. The Plan contains an aggressive agenda for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and moving from fossil fuels to renewables and efficiency.  The Pacific Coast agenda commits Washington to imposing a cap on carbon emissions and enacting a low carbon fuel standard.  It also includes new initiatives in energy efficiency (appliances and buildings), zero emission vehicles and net energy zero homes, high speed rail, clean fuels for heavy vehicles and marine vessels and many other actions designed to reduce carbon emissions and move Washington and the other west coast jurisdictions to a clean energy economy.

Jay Manning, a Cascadia Partner, was instrumental in helping the four jurisdictions reach this historic agreement.  Jay has been supporting the four jurisdictions in the development of the Pacific Coast Climate and Energy agenda since joining Cascadia two years ago.  With his exceptional experience in climate and energy issues, his deep understanding of intergovernmental agreements generally and the Pacific Coast Collaborative and his own relationships with key state and provincial leaders, Jay has been uniquely able to assist the states and Province as they worked together and develop this aggressive agenda.

Jay will continue assisting the jurisdictions as they move from plan development to implementation.  Jay and the Cascadia team are available to assist businesses, local governments and other organizations that are facing the challenge of addressing climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions or otherwise preparing for climate impacts.

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