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Jessie A. Turner

Government Affairs and Policy Specialist
(360) 786-5044

Jessie Turner joined Cascadia Law Group as a Government Affairs and Policy Specialist in 2014 after six sessions at the Washington State Legislature.

Jessie leads advocacy and facilitation projects at the local, state, regional, and international levels and has ten years of experience working in public policy development, advocacy, and stakeholder engagement. Jessie works on a multitude of issues including affordable homeownership, healthcare, energy efficiency, and climate.

Jessie is also a facilitator to the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC) where she leads the associated ocean acidification working group. In that role she assisted in the creation of the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification, an initiative of more than 60 government and non-government members working to elevate the issue of ocean acidification in international and regional climate agreements as well as develop practicable and implementable adaptation and resiliency strategies.