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Areas of Practice

Air Quality

Because air pollution has such serious and wide-ranging effects, especially given advancements in our understanding of its influence on climate change, air quality is one of the most important environmental issues we face.

Climate Change

Cascadia Law Group assists a number of clients comply with greenhouse gas emission reduction standards, take advantage of climate related business opportunities related to biofuels, carbon sequestration, energy efficiency and other regulatory incentives and requirements.  We advise businesses, local governments, tribes, states and other clients to help them conduct climate related environmental review, take action to reduce emissions and improve resilience and adapt to unavoidable change.


Energy markets are changing. A market once dominated by monopoly providers of electricity owning large, central station generating plants now includes competitive independent power producers and customers’ self-generation. This transition is being driven in part by the development of new energy technologies as well as by state mandates for increased deployment of renewable resources and improvements in energy conservation.

Federal Indian Law

Our firm represents tribes in a variety of conservation, environmental and natural resources matters at the local, state, and federal level related to exercise of treaty reserved rights and tribal sovereignty.  We also tailor legal solutions for individuals, business entities, and all levels of government on a broad spectrum of jurisdictional and environmental transactions and issues involving tribes.


In many states, insurance can cover expenses brought on by environmental damages. Before a business can collect on its insurance, it first must locate its insurance policies, then gather the facts and apply the law to prove coverage. These policies may stretch many decades into the past to cover environmental pollution at the time it occurred.

Regulatory Process

Whether it be an issue with an environmental permit, a utility rate contest, or a business license dispute, most businesses -- and many citizens -- must deal with state and local administrative processes at some time or another. With our substantial experience in the Administrative Procedure Act and with an office in the state capitol, our firm can guide clients, whether they be businesses, individuals, or government entities, through often specialized administrative processes and, if necessary, seek court review of administrative decisions.

Waste Management & Cleanup

The existing regulatory system for managing the hazardous waste generated by businesses and government agencies is one of the most complicated ever created. The parallel “Superfund” regulations for cleaning up old hazardous waste sites are nearly as complex and can lead to unnecessary expense and unsatisfactory cleanups if not managed properly.