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Insurance Practice

In many states, insurance can cover expenses brought on by environmental damages. Before a business can collect on its insurance, it first must locate its insurance policies, then gather the facts and apply the law to prove coverage. These policies may stretch many decades into the past to cover environmental pollution at the time it occurred.

Our firm employs special insurance investigators to find old insurance policies in places where most businesses (and most law firms) do not know to look. Our lawyers have handled many insurance cases, so we know the law and know how to win cases.

We also have a reputation for helping clients avoid lengthy litigation by preparing comprehensive, persuasive settlement packages that many insurance companies will accept as proof without the need for filing a lawsuit. If settlement efforts fail, our attorneys have significant experience litigating contested insurance claims.


  • Historical Research and Insurance “Archaeology”
  • Preparation of Insurance Claims
  • Negotiation of Settlements
  • Insurance Litigation